Persistent Petunias   Leave a comment

I’ve got to find more of these little yellow petunias for next year.  They’ve bloomed their little green hearts out, all summer long.

The blue lobelias I planted with them haven’t done as well, but have flowers even when they don’t have a leaf to their names.  I’ll get more of them, too.

It’s been more peaceful around here; no loose horses running around.  The most activity centers around a horse that’s coming in.  It’s an elderly mare that has had a stroke; and Dr. Paul, the vet, recommended that she have a companion.  So the owners got her a goat.  The crew’s been working to get a pen tight enough that we won’t have a goat running around.  That’s not as serious as a loose horse — unless you happen to be riding by on a horse that’s not used to goats!  They’ve done a good job on the pen, though, and there shouldn’t be a problem.

She’s only one of several horses coming in.  If they all get here, we’ll be right at 270 horses — all we have room for.  It’s a good thing Billy opted for two additional truck-and-trailer loads of hay.  We’re going to need it.


Posted September 30, 2012 by stablewoman in Flowers

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