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Nightmare Averted   Leave a comment

Yesterday one of our boarders came pounding at the door, to tell us of an impending disaster.  “There’s a horse loose up on the road!  A big black horse!”

Now a horse loose on a busy four-lane road is a nightmare.  Horses have been killed up there before; and people crippled.  Hitting a horse can send a car off the road; even dodging one can lead to a wreck.  Billy got in the pickup and headed that way, knowing he’d probably be too late.  I ran out and looked up toward the road.  Cars were slowing down, but not stopping, despite the black horse dodging in and out of traffic.  I knew right away what horse it was; both Billy and I had guessed the moment the words “black horse” were uttered.  This horse had been loose before.  But then she had come in to the stable and been caught; this time she had run clear up to the road.  It wasn’t one of ours, but lives in a yard up in town somewhere.

At last I recognized a couple of people — and dogs — we knew, up on the road.  They got traffic stopped and caught the filly.  She settled down immediately and led off quietly — while the traffic immediately went back to zipping by her at full speed.  Her captors put her in one of our pens and called Animal Control.  Someone got hold of the owner, though, and she showed up and took her horse back before anyone got there.  Unfortunately.

This is a nice filly who deserves a better home.  We couldn’t help but think what would have happened if she had gotten loose at night.  A coal-black horse on a dark road?  A recipe for tragedy.  I hope Animal Control pays the owner a visit soon.

Incidentally, she’s not very big.  But looking up at one running down the road — they would look huge!


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