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Rye and Xena have become friends by now, and play together happily.  This is not altogether a good thing, as their play often involves racing in through the doggie door — WHAPPITY-WHAP! (Xena) WHAPPITY-WHAP! (Rye)– making a circle of the living room at top speed, and racing out again — WHAPPITY-WHAP!  WHAPPITY-WHAP!  Once around the yard, and back they come. This is repeated until humans are driven to put the insert in the door, bringing the game to an abrupt end.

So far, Rye is fitting in very well.  There is only one problem.  She is a thief.  At first it was just little things, like a package of crackers left in reach.  Then it was yarn.  Well, Xena’s been known to pilfer things, too.  But the last item was a bit too much.  A few days ago, a boarder forgot a pair of glasses in a case.  We set them aside for him to retrieve later.

Then, a couple of days later, I found a case outside.  I wondered how the empty case got there, but shrugged and threw it in the trash.  It was not in good shape.  Later, I found one of those little microfiber cloths for polishing glasses on the lawn, but still the penny didn’t drop.

Then the boarder came to get his glasses, and they weren’t there.  Then the light dawned.  We went out and retrieved the case from the garbage can — unfortunately, it was on top of a dead squirrel — and he identified it.  The glasses, though, were nowhere to be found.  They’re still gone.  I don’t think she ate them . . . I hope.  She’s shown no signs of indigestion, anyway.

After that, we decided it might be best if both dogs spent the night outside.  There’s no telling what might disappear next.  Rye had just decided she was a full-time house dog, too.  But if she decided to play with an electric cord next, she might be a full-time fried dog.

Here’s the culprit . . .

Is that a guilty expression or what?  Well . . . maybe not.


Posted September 22, 2012 by stablewoman in Dogs, Pets

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