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Xena made three attempts to get me up this morning, paws on the bed and nudging my arm, before she gave up and went to find some entertainment.  When I did get up at the usual 6:30, only Rye greeted me in the living room.  I got my coffee, and a few minutes later Xena bounded in.  I reached down to rub her ears — and realized that something was wrong.

She smelled so bad that my eyes watered and my sinuses started burning.  Her coat was standing up in greasy spikes.  She had found something dead to roll in.  Something very dead.  Something very, very, very . . . well, you get the picture.

I ejected both dogs, even innocent Rye, and looked out of the window.  It was immediately obvious what she had found.  There was a defunct bunny on the lawn, and she was frisking happily around it.  I sighed and went to wash my hands.  Several times.

We had breakfast before I went out to cope with the problem.  I figured that would be a good idea.

Then I gathered up leash, collar, and shampoo, and hid them behind my back while I caught my stinky dog and tied her up.  Next, I had to cope with the rabbit.  It was right at the height of decomposition, and didn’t want to hold together.  I managed to scoop it up with a shovel and dispose of it.  Then it was time to shampoo Xena.  Several times.  I couldn’t seem to get rid of all of the smell, but finally I figured I had done the best I could, and turned her loose.  She ran off to roll in the dirt — which was a big improvement over the last thing she rolled in.

But the smell was still there.  It wasn’t coming from Xena; there were still some clots of bunny fur on the lawn — and part of its skull with one pathetic ear still attached.  They had to be picked up with a protective layer of paper towels, and disposed of.  Then I went in and washed my hands.  Several times.

When I went back out, though, I realized that I still hadn’t completely gotten rid of the smell.  The lawn itself reeked.  I set up a sprinkler, which has been running all day.  I think that has done it.

Ah, the joys of dog ownership.  And country life.

Meanwhile, Rye is in dog heaven.  It’s obvious she’s been waiting all of her life to be a house dog.  Suzanne didn’t think she’d ever been housebroken, but she’s figured out all on her own that she needs to go out to do her business.  This morning, she greeted me with ecstatic wagging and barking.  She has a nice loud intimidating bark.  Now if she’ll just learn to bark at something that’s not me . . .


Posted September 18, 2012 by stablewoman in Dogs, Pets

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