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This is Rye.

Suzanne brought her over today.  We hope she’s going to be our barking dog.

She was supposed to be a cow dog, but she didn’t have any interest in chasing after those big mean critters.  When the other dogs eagerly loaded up to go Chase Cows, she would go hide.  She just wanted to lie by the door and veg out.  So Andrew left her with his mother, but she had enough dogs, so we’re giving Rye a try to see if she wants to be a watchdog.  She’s quiet and submissive, but Suzanne says she will bark.  That’s what we want, a dog that will bark but is not aggressive.  She’s quite a bit larger and more impressive than Xena, so that’s all to the good.  Some of that size is fat, though.  She’s the only fat Border Collie I’ve ever seen.

So far she’s spent most of her time lying in the shade by the door.  We were trying to figure out how to confine her so that she wouldn’t run off before she realized this was home, but so far she’s shown no desire at all to run off.  Or run at all.

Xena’s been lying near her, pointedly looking in the other direction.  She is definitely Not Amused.  I think they’ll get along, though, once Xena’s sure that she is still Queen of the Ranch.

Suzanne said we could bring Rye back if she didn’t work out, but we’re hoping she does.  It’s really hard to find a good dog.


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