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. . . can make a big difference.  Here’s a picture I took near the end of June, complete with rider wading downriver.

Here’s a picture I took (from the same spot) today.

It hasn’t quite been three months, and what a difference.  I was taking pictures of wood ducks and water hyacinth.  Now — sand, sand, and more sand.

Xena doesn’t mind.  She has just hidden her stick in the dead reeds, and is waiting for me to slog over and find it.

I did find it, too.  We lost it later, though, when she dropped it in a mud puddle and I refused to delve for it.

As I trudged out of the river, here came the twins with their Border Collie, out for a morning ride.

The river from horseback . . . hmmm.  What a good idea!


Posted September 13, 2012 by stablewoman in Kern River

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