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Billy was on a morning round, checking everything out as usual, and when he got to the western end of the property he found it aswarm with police.  They told him to get out of there; they were searching for a Dangerous Person.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t figure out how to get down to where they thought this person might be.  Billy offered to lead them down, but they declined emphatically.  So he described the way down to the riverbed as best he could, because there really isn’t any good way to get down there with patrol cars.  Then he came home and warned everyone — only a couple of people were around — not to go to that end of the ranch, and not to talk to strangers.

We didn’t hear anything on the news at noon about a police search in the area, and we probably never will.  We usually don’t, but maybe that’s for the best, if it means nothing newsworthy happened.

Talking about seeing pictures in the coats of spotted horses, yesterday,  reminded me of this cloud picture I took a couple of days ago.

I think it looks like a speeding train.  Or the stretched-out head and neck of an eagle.

But maybe it’s just a thunderhead at sunset.


Posted September 11, 2012 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch, Weather

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