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We have some interesting new arrivals.  Boarder Danielle brought in a mare and foal a couple of days ago, and they are Paints.  Boy, are they Paints.  They are the spottiest duo we’ve ever had, and nice-looking horses as well.

The filly is even spottier on her left side.  Notice the numerous small spots in addition to the larger ones.

I’ve heard those called ink spots; and read that they are the sign of a homozygous tobiano gene.  In other words, this filly should produce only spotted foals, no matter what the sire is.  Some crosses (for example, to grey) might make the color hard to see, but it would be there.  Momma has them, too, and she certainly produced color.

Of course, I’ve read other authorities that say the ink spots don’t mean a thing.  Maybe someone has kept enough records to be sure, one way or another.

Meanwhile, I’ve been seeing pictures in those spots.  Paint horses are nearly as good as clouds for that kind of thing.  Those two round spots look like a letter B; or maybe a domino; or maybe . . .

Well, you get the picture.  In more ways than one.


Posted September 10, 2012 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch, Horses

3 responses to “Spots!

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  1. The lady I got them from said the mare is homozygous tobiano. Maybe in the futer I’ll breed her again when she is older and see if she is. Thanks for posting about them 🙂

  2. I was wondering whose mare and foal that was. Nice baby!

  3. My daughter rode a 1/2 paint for years, or at least that is what we called him. I wonder about the ink spots and hope you keep taking pictures.

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