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Progress in getting my life back to normal, that is.  I have a new purse, wallet, library card . . . no cell phone yet; I’ll probably look for one Monday.  I’m not as wedded to my cell as many people are.  It can go days without use.  Errand running makes for a dull day, though, which was why I was glad to get these pictures from Marion — even if they make me a little jealous.  I do love Morro Bay.

Here’s the rock.  It’s still there!

Here are Marion and Rogelio, looking a bit chilly, but happy.  Morro’s fog is cold, but clean and smells of the sea.

 It looks like the sun came out later.

What a beautiful end for their day!

Billy and I used to get over to the coast occasionally when the ranch was smaller.  Now, it’s really hard to get away without worrying.  This morning, for example, we looked out to see smoke billowing up in the riverbed to the west of us.  Scott went down and said that the fire was on the other side of the bridge, and wanted to know if he should start the downriver sprinklers.  Billy elected to wait, and sure enough, the Fire Department got it knocked down very quickly.  They do good work.

But the next one might be closer.  We’ve been lucky so far this summer, but with the fire danger so high, how can we go away.  We would worry too much to really enjoy it.

Still . . . fall is coming!


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