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A Better Day   Leave a comment

Yes, it was a better day today.  I’m beginning to get my ducks in a row, though I keep coming up with “Oh, Nos”.  Oh, no, I’ve got to get a new cell phone!  Oh, no, I’ve got to get a new library card!  Oh, no, I’ve got to get a new wallet!  Oh, no, I’ve got to get a new purse!

Tomorrow I’ve got an appointment at DMV to see about a duplicate driver’s license.  Then maybe at least I’ll be mobile, and Billy won’t have to take me to Barnes & Noble on Sunday.  I’m quite sure they’d go broke if I skipped my weekly visit.

Yesterday’s sunset skies were enough to cheer up anyone.

And since I still can’t drive, Billy’s “cooking” again tonight.  Last night it was deep-fried zucchini from Fast Tom’s.  Tonight it’ll probably be Chinese.  Since I also consoled myself with ice cream last night (peanut butter chocolate with marshmallow sauce) I’d better get things straightened out pretty soon, or Kody won’t be able to pull me!


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