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Things have been happening around here, and none of them good.  First, we had two mild colics last night.  We were able to contact both owners, and both horses seem to be pulling through without needing a vet.  But that meant that Billy was up and down all night watching them.

Then I got up this morning, supervised the ponies getting their feet trimmed, and was getting ready to go to the bank — but my purse wasn’t where I thought I had left it yesterday.  There followed a frantic hour of looking for it, with no results.  Finally we had to believe it was gone, with my driver’s license, wallet, ATM card . . . all of the good things everyone has in their purse.  Luckily for once, we still don’t have any credit cards.

Billy ran me to the bank, where I cancelled the ATM card (which I’ve never used) and checked to see that nothing had been withdrawn from my account.  We ran by the grocery store and checked there, though I was certain I had made it home with my purse yesterday.  I remember making a list of things I had forgotten on the little notebook that lives in my purse.

Then I thought of my cell phone.  I hardly ever use it, but it was in my purse, too.  I made a quick call to AT&T, and got a real person quite quickly.  I cancelled my phone, and found out that someone had made a call on it that morning.  It certainly wasn’t me, which meant that my purse had definitely been stolen, and not absent-mindedly put down in the house somewhere.

About that time, a boarder came in to say there was a horse running loose up and down the pens outside.  I went out and caught it, and it was a stranger; not one of ours.  Billy and I stuck it in a pen, and he went out to try to find out whose it was.  I went back in to file a police report.

I called two numbers before I got the right one, and they told me to report the theft online.  I went to do that, and discovered that the form said that if the theft had been during an illegal entry to my home, I couldn’t report it online.  I didn’t know if it had or not.  There are always lots of people in and out of our house, though I didn’t think anyone around yesterday would have stolen anything.  Anyhow, I went ahead and filed the report, whereupon I got a message saying my address wasn’t in the city.  Oh, yes, it is; we’ve been through this before.  WE ARE IN THE CITY, DUMMIES!  I know if I try to file with the sheriff, they’ll tell me I’m in the city.

I hope the police department accepts my report.  I know I need to have one on file to guard against identity theft.  At least I have a print-out showing I tried.

I’m ready for this day to be over, any time now.


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