Howl in the Night   Leave a comment

It was a burning house that I smelled yesterday as I typed.  The news showed an old wooden frame house, and said no one was home.  It was probably vacant, then.  At the rate of attrition, there won’t be an abandoned house left in Oildale before long; and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Last night,  I was sound asleep when I was jerked awake by a brief but piercing howl.  I sat up and peered through the darkness.  Xena was in her usual place by the bed, head up and wakeful, so I assumed she had had a nightmare.  Billy had not come to bed yet, as he usually spends part of the night in his recliner.  I could hear him stirring and could tell he was OK, so all of us went back to sleep.

In the morning, though, Billy said that he thought it was not Xena at all, but something right outside.  His theory was that Skip the pointer had been left out — he’s usually penned at night — and had come to see if Xena would come out and play.  Frustrated, he howled, then gave up and left.  Maybe; at least that would be better than the idea that a passing coyote had serenaded us that close.

Incidents like this are when we really miss Cider.  Nothing would have gotten that close to the without her letting us know about it.  Xena just went back to sleep.

As I’ve noted before, she’s no watchdog.


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