Dry, Dry, Dry   1 comment

There’s not even a little trickle in the river now, as there was a few days ago.  This wasn’t even a foot across, but it was moving water.

Now, there’s nothing out there but a very, very long sandbox.

The dead weeds have a ghostly appearance, almost picturesque.

But they and the dead leaves underfoot will burn like tissue paper if ever a fire gets started.  We’re holding our breaths.  In fact, I just smelled a strong odor of wood smoke and went to stick my head outside and make sure it wasn’t us.  There was no smoke in sight, so it’s probably drifting in from Oildale, where an abandoned house seems to burn every day.

Luckily, it’s hot; so the transients camping in the river bed aren’t building fires.  They used to build cooking fires a lot, but that seems to have been replaced by fast food obtained by panhandling.  So we’re probably pretty safe until the weather starts to cool.  Then it’ll be a race between fire and the rains.

If we get any rains this year.


Posted August 25, 2012 by stablewoman in Kern River

One response to “Dry, Dry, Dry

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  1. surprisingly, up river the water is still moving and the trees look healthy. It is going underground before it reaches the stable. If you go to the crossing over by the club house, just east of the property line fence, you can still see the water just up from the dry river crossing.

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