Lost My Watch . . . Sort Of   Leave a comment

I spent yesterday looking for my watch.  I knew I had it after my walk, but had no idea where it went after I took it off when I came in.  Finally, this morning, I told myself that the wristband was about to go anyway, and watches were cheap these days, and decided to buy another.  I put on a load of clothes to wash, and set off for WalMart.  I’m such a big spender.

While I was browsing the selection there, a couple of window-shopping teenage girls sauntered by.  One said, “Eeew!  Who buys watches these days?  Old people, that’s who!”  Off they went, leaving me thinking, “Or people who actually have an education and a job, so they can buy watches — or anything else!”  Grump.

At any rate, I got home, changed into shorts, and noticed a weight in the pocket of my long pants as I started to bold them.  It was my car keys.  That was when the penny dropped.  I dashed out to the washer, fished out the shorts I wore Monday — and sure enough, there was my old watch.  And it was still ticking away.  (It was a Timex.  I should do a commercial.)

Now I have two watches.  What extravagance!

Here’s a picture I took on that fateful walk.  It’s two of our lovely boarders, Mr. and Mrs. Sams, out for a morning ride.

Don’t they look happy?


Posted August 21, 2012 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch

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