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It’s hot and dry, with a full week of temperatures 105 or better predicted.   The only moisture around is from the sprinklers.  At least those drops look cool.

Quite another subject — I’ve been looking at my WordPress Dashboard, on which you can see searches that have ended up at your site.  It’s interesting to see which posts are most searched.  The one about the difference between cottontails and jackrabbits — “Wabbits” — is still generating interest.  So is the post about the draft horse auction, especially the bit about the little Amish girl riding the gigantic black Percheron.  One that comes up regularly is from a couple of years ago, when we had a Cowgirl Christmas (lots of cowgirls selling crafts); a sale that was almost rained out.  The title was “Wet Cowgirl Christmas”.  People entering “wet cowgirl” as a search term keep ending up there.

Somehow, I think it’s not what they are expecting . . .


Posted August 7, 2012 by stablewoman in Uncategorized

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