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The orioles have left, as they usually do about midsummer.  I don’t know why, but I suspect it’s because they’ve gotten their broods raised and ready to fly on.

When they’re gone, though, the hummingbirds really get busy at the feeders.  Around dawn and dusk, there may be as many as a dozen jockeying for position.  And, like many others, I’m out there trying to get their picture.

We usually get three kinds; black-chinned, Anna’s, and rufous.  The rufous, like the orioles, don’t stay around long; but they really take over while they’re around.

As I said, there were about a dozen little birds darting around; but they are so fast that several of my pictures didn’t have any birds in them at all.  The best I did was two; and that picture was blurry.

One, with the purple throat, was a black-chinned.  I think the other is a rufous.  They don’t always have their characteristic rusty backs, so they’re hard to tell from Anna’s.  The rufous are known for their aggressive protection of their food sources, though, and this one was putting up a spirited defense.

Here she is again . . .


While I was out there, I noticed that one of the daylilies has rebloomed.

It’s a lot easier to get a shot of a daylily!

A day or two ago, we noticed that our evaporative cooler wasn’t working as well as it should.  We got David to go up on the roof, and he discovered that the pads were completely clogged with willow fluff.  So today, nephew Randy put up new ones for us.  It’s made a big difference.  I was shopping while they were being put up, but I could immediately tell what had been done.  Not only is it cooler, but the house is filled with the pleasant (I think) piney smell of the new pads.  It’ll wear off in a couple of days, but those pads will still be a big help in the upcoming week.  They’re predicting 107 for next weekend!



Posted August 5, 2012 by stablewoman in Birds, Flowers, Nature

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