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The ground sqauirrels seem to be thinning out.  Maybe that’s because of the presence of a very large red-tailed hawk, who regards them as a delectable lunch; or maybe it’s because Xena’s home, and she chases them.  Good ol’ Cider has been known to sleep peacefully while the squirrels play tag around her prostrate body.  In either case, it’s been good for my flowers.  They were not only eating the above-ground parts, but digging the roots out of the pot and eating them, too.

This was a nearly empty pot a couple of months ago, without anything visible above the rim of the pot.  Now look at it.

I had planned for a blue and yellow color scheme, but the petunias have come back much faster than the lobelias.

There’s not much else in flower right now, which caused my plans for a Floral Friday every week to fizzle out.  Maybe next spring.

Meanwhile, the first of the year’s hay is coming in.  We got a fairly good price on it, if a little higher than we hoped for.  It’s a nice secure feeling to see it stacking up.

We’ve been getting in more horses, from Porterville, Tehachapi, and locally.  That’s a good feeling, too.  Getting a new boarder is a lot like getting a new kid in class back in my teaching days.  You welcome them, but keep a wary eye on them for a few days.  We’ve been lucky over the years; very few Peculiar People have ended up here.

But you never know . . .


Posted July 29, 2012 by stablewoman in Flowers

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