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I didn’t blog yesterday, because I was comforting poor little Xena.  She had that foxtail surgery a couple of weeks ago, and it hadn’t healed up properly.  She was perfectly happy and active, but the site was still swollen and draining pus.

So yesterday I hauled her over to Dr. Paul, and he opened her up again.  We all expected another foxtail, but there was nothing there except an enormous drainage area, and some scar tissue partially blocking the drainage hole.  The best he could figure was that a second abcess site hadn’t totally drained, and was slowly leaking through the hole left by the first surgery.  He opened it all up and stitched her up again, and removed a sneaky foxtail from one ear while he had her asleep.

She recovered quickly from the anesthetic, but I spent the rest of the day with an unhappy little dog who wanted to sit on my feet; or better yet, in my lap.

She’s feeling more secure today, and wanting to chase a stick.  I felt she might begin to think that she got in the car only to go to the vet, so we spent some time this morning driving around the ranch together.

Meanwhile, I get to flush the incision site with an antiseptic solution and a syringe with a long tube which must be inserted under the stitches, deep into the abscess area.  She had her first treatment this morning, and was very good.  One helper cold hold her still and sponge away the drainage at the same time.

I think she’s beginning to read my mind, though.  Before the first time I did it this morning, I was looking at the bottle of antiseptic and thinking about the best way to do the procedure.  She came in the doggie door just then, and all I did was turn around and look at her thoughtfully, and she clapped her tail between her legs, spun around, and fled back through the door.  Something in my body language must have spelled trouble.

When the time came for the real thing, though, she was no trouble, as I said.  She’s even forgiven me for the whole thing and is busily licking the back of my leg right now.  I just hope it’s just as easy tomorrow.  It didn’t seem to be painful, at least.

But I’d better go hunt up some sticks to throw for her. She deserves it.



Posted July 26, 2012 by stablewoman in Dogs, Pets

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