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Xena’s Ordeal, Part 2   3 comments

As I write, it’s 101 and the sky is completely covered with haze.  It doesn’t matter if you’re in the shade or not; in fact, there really isn’t any shade.  Some of the boarders were sitting hopefully under the trees, but it didn’t make much difference.  The monsoon season is here.

Scott held Xena’s head this morning, while I cut her stitches and pulled out her drainage tube.  She was very good, only collapsing to the ground in protest when one of the stitches caught and I pulled too hard on the tube.  Poor little dog; but the worst should be over now.  She still has some antibiotic pills, and she has to have two a day for ten days.  Billy’s been holding her mouth open while I pop the pill in.  I thought about hiding the pills in bits of hot dog or hamburger, but I don’t think that will work.  I cut a hot dog into inch-long bits and shared it out between the two dogs.  Cider glomphed hers down without chewing.  Xena took her bit out on the rug, laid it down, studied it for a while, licked it thoughtfully, and ate it.  In two dainty bites.  I think she’s going to notice a pill in her food.  It’s a good thing she’s taking them the other way, though she disappears out the doggie door afterwards and hides out for a while.

I just got a call from friend and boarder Lori B.  I’m going to take her to pick up her truck at the mechanic’s shop.  Maybe I’ll take Xena along for the ride.  It’d do her good to go somewhere that she didn’t find a vet at the end of the ride.


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