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Xena’s Ordeal   3 comments

I didn’t post yesterday because I was busy hauling Xena back and forth to the vet.

When Andrew brought her back from the mountains, she had an abcess draining on her left side.  He said it had been a foxtail.  Most foxtail abcesses heal up quickly once they start draining, so I didn’t think much of it.

But, though it looked like it was drying up several times, and she obviously felt just fine, it didn’t stop draining.  I decided it was time to have a vet look at it.

The only time Xena has worn a leash and collar is to go to the vet.  When she sees them, she runs and hides.  I was careful to hide the torture device leash and collar behind my back when I went to catch her.

Once they’re on, though, she behaves beautifully.  When we got to the vet’s office, she lay quietly by my side — even when a very loud cat in a crate was expressing its feelings.  Her ears pricked, and her eyes got round, but she never moved.  She was just as well behaved for the exam.

Sure enough, there was another foxtail in there.  It would take general anesthesia and a lot of probing to get it out.  I had to leave her, and pick her up that afternoon.

Incidentally, there were two large signs in the office.  One said, “No Checks Accepted!”  The other said, “Will whoever stole my carved wooden elephant please return it!”  It’s Oildale, after all.

Anyway, Xena got her surgery, and a rabies shot, and a flea treatment, and a course of antibiotics — and a drainage tube, which has to come out tomorrow.  She’s now an expensive little dog.

It was worth it, though,  When they fetched her out, she sat quietly while a couple of Schnauzers yapped up a storm around her; but her expression was that of a tragic queen harassed by the rabble.  And she almost flattened me hurrying into the car, which isn’t easy for a thirty-pound dog.

She had to wear the “cone of shame” last night, because I was afraid she’d try to chew on her drainage tube while I slept.  And we gave her her first antibiotic pill this morning.  She’s not going to get to play in the river, either, until her holes close up.

She is not a happy camper.  I have to keep the insert in the dog door, or she’d run outside in the heat and hide.  That means Cider must stay in, too; you can’t leave her out when they’re predicting 107.  The difference is that Cider doesn’t mind a bit.  She’s asleep in front of the fan right now, while Xena is curled up on my foot.

I wish there was a way to tell her that it won’t be too long before she’s back playing in the river.



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