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Things have been a little hectic this morning.  I got horseshoer Jennifer to trim the ponies.  Both of them need to be held — they wiggle — so that took up the first part of the morning.  As we were finishing up, Billy came out to shut down the pump.  The power had quit, catching him halfway up and halfway down in his powered recliner.  It came on just long enough for him to get up, then one leg came back on and the other didn’t.  The lights worked, but the cooler, TV, computer — everything else was off.  And the pump was cycling continuously, so it had to be shut down before it burned up.  No water, and the temperature going up like a rocket.

Of course, we have a backup well, and it’s on a different part of the power grid than the big well, so it’s not as big a problem as it might be.  Still, we had no cooler.  It was a big relief when the second leg came on an hour or so later.

With all of that going on, there was still time for a walk downriver.  Most of the water hyacinth went downriver in the high water last year, but there’s still enough around to look pretty, blooming with the buttercups.

Each pale lavender bloom has one blue and gold spot on a petal, like the eye of a peacock feather.

The stuff is a big problem when it chokes waterways, but no one can deny that it’s pretty.

The front of the house is staying comfortable despite the heat, but the computer room is warming up fast.  I think I’ll shut it down after I sign out, and probably not turn it on again until tomorrow morning.  That’s the usual routine during heat waves.

And it looks like this one is going to be a doozy.


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