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Heating Up   Leave a comment

It’s definitely getting warmer.  The thermometer will  hit one hundred today, and there are predictions as high as 108 for the coming week.  What’s worse, there may be thunderstorms in the mountains, which means higher humidity here, plus the risk of fire.

I’ve been preparing myself with a supply of nice cooling books to read.  It’s surprising how certain books can make you feel cooler — or at least distract you.  Best for the purpose, I have found, are British mysteries — especially those set in Scotland.  If you just read them, you’d think it’s always cold and drizzly there.  Then there are the old-fashioned multi-generational family epics, and sea stories.  I ration myself to rereading Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin stories once a year. When they’re beating their way around Cape Horn, with green glassy waves (sometimes containing whales) rearing as high as the ship’s masts, they are perfect.  Of course, if they are becalmed in the doldrums, with the caulking melting out of the ship’s seams — well, I usually skip over those parts.

It seems that our heat will mean a corresponding cooling trend for the Midwest.  I’m grateful for sister Sally’s sake, in St. Louis.  I’ll bet they’ve really been suffering there.

Pictures can be cooling, too.  Here’s the river at dusk, a few nights ago.

It makes me want to go dip a toe in, and watch the ripples spread.  Maybe we’ll just do that.


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