Tejon, Part 4; and, Dreading the 4th   Leave a comment

Note:  This should have been the July 4th entry; somehow, it didn’t get published — I must have clicked the wrong button!


The last stop on the Tejon Ranch tour was in a magnificent oak grove.

These weren’t the largest oaks we’d seen — though possibly the tallest — but the light through their leaves and the dappled shade on the ground made this a special place.

The woodpeckers thought so, too.  These aren’t acorn storage holes, but woodpecker homes.

Still, the oaks in the grasslands, in their blue and gold setting, are those that most say California to me.

This is the last post for the Tejon tour, though I may share other pictures later.  It was a great trip.

Still, the river’s edge is my first love, and I was glad to get back to it.  We’ll be glad, though when the Fourth of July is over.  Already there’s been one small fire to the east of us.  The fire department got there in force, and held it to a tiny patch, but they may be overwhelmed tonight.

I enjoy fireworks as much as anyone, but there are people who aren’t fit to be in charge of a match, let alone illegal fireworks.  And those, of course, are the ones who get them.  It’s been a few years since anyone has shot bottle rockets into the horse pens, but it has happened, and could happen again.  Last year there were illegals fired off in front of Billy’s sister’s house, just north of us.  She called the hotline, but when the patrol got there, they said they could do nothing unless they actually saw the culprits in the act.  There were the remains of the fireworks, still hot and smoking; there were the perps; there were the witnesses — but they couldn’t do anything.  It’s an old story.

So we continue to dread the Fourth; but maybe we’ll be lucky another year.

Someone out there won’t be.


Posted July 6, 2012 by stablewoman in Nature

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