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We survived the Fourth without damage — again.  There were lots of pops, whistles, and booms, but nothing close.  Old dog Cider has never been bothered by loud noises, and little Xena only got nervous when someone set off some Piccolo Petes just across the river.  She hid behind my chair until things quieted down.  The horses, as usual, were uneasy, but fine.  They don’t seem much bothered unless someone actually sets off fireworks in their immediate vicinity, but I wouldn’t like to try to ride during the worst of it.

This morning, all was quiet again, and people started arriving early to ride.  Arena practice seemed to take place mostly in the long shadows of the cottonwoods.

The predictions are for a heat wave, with temperatures over a hundred for more than a week.  That won’t be too bad unless we get monsoonal moisture with it.

It’s actually been a pretty cool — and dry — summer so far, but maybe if things warm up here, they’ll cool down back East.  They could use it!


Posted July 5, 2012 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch

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