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The big cactus on the levee is almost done blooming.  Only one saucer-sized flower was left when I went past it.

It’s interesting to compare it with the little potted cactus on the porch.  The form of the blooms is much the same, but the flower is much more delicate.

The horsenettle is a pretty weed, with its violet flowers and silvery foliage.  If it weren’t so toxic, it’d be a popular garden plant.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day.  I’m going with friends Sasha and Andy on a tour of the Tejon Ranch; a place I’ve always wanted to see.  I’ve even bought a nice new memory card for the trip.  Now if I can just remember the camera, there should be an interesting entry on Sunday.


Posted June 29, 2012 by stablewoman in Flowers

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