Kody, Looking Good   1 comment

When I first got Kody, almost a year ago, he was not really in full summer coat.  He looked nice, but started putting on his pale shaggy winter coat nearly as soon as he got here.

Now he’s shed out fully, and really looking good.

He’s also overly fat, because he hasn’t been working a bit.  Bella’s been getting all of the attention lately, and when she wasn’t, it’s just been too hot to do anything — at least for me.  There are no hundreds in the predictions for the next ten days, though, so he’s going to have some work very soon.  I put him on the longe line today and made him trot a bit, and he’s about ready to pull that cart again.

It’s been beautiful weather here.  It was cool enough to get out and clean him up at three o’clock in the afternoon.  When usually it would be in the nineties at least, it was seventy-seven degrees.  It feels as if we were at the coast.

We know it can’t last, but we’re sure enjoying it!


Posted June 26, 2012 by stablewoman in Horses, Kody

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  1. Kody is one beautiful…handsome….pony. I mean he is the type of pony they make those models of that I played with as a kid. He’s the pony all the girls you have over to your house fight over….Ok…this is Elizabeth not Jim because that would be weird.

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