A Pool in the River   Leave a comment

Xena and I walked downriver today, chasing a stick.  At least that’s what she was doing.  I was enjoying the cool morning and the view.

I looked upriver.  I wish my camera could record just how many shades of green glowed in the early sun.

I looked out at Xena, bounding after her stick.  It’s amazing that one little thirty-pound Border Collie can leave a wake like a battleship.  I wonder how big a splash a really big dog, like Bassa of Bassa’s Blog, would make.

Then I looked downriver.  Something new had been added.

It appeared to be someone’s backyard pool.  It was good-sized, probably ten feet across.  It can’t have been easy to get it down to the river, and I don’t think it added much to the view.  On the other hand, I could almost sympathize with whoever — probably a bunch of kids — who wrestled it down to the water.  They probably thought it would float, and they could ride downriver in it.  Who knows; maybe it did.  One side was collapsed, though, so it couldn’t have gone far.  And there it is, and there it will stay, because certainly no one will haul it out.

Darn it.


Posted June 25, 2012 by stablewoman in Kern River

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