Xena’s Back   1 comment

Andrew brought Xena back from the mountains for some r’n’r.  He doesn’t want to use the dogs during the hottest part of the summer, so it’s good timing.  She wanted to follow him at first, but has reconciled herself to a life of leisure and is presently lying at my feet, carefully licking my ankle.

I think she enjoyed most getting back to the river.

She plopped immediately into the water both yesterday and this morning.  I think, though, she can’t quite understand why I don’t join her.

“Come on in!  Look, the water’s fine!”

Well, maybe I will — when it gets back over 100.

I may not be able to get to my favorite spot — the one where I watched the carp — much longer.  The willows have grown up so thickly it’s really hard for a person to push their way through.  Even slow arthritic Cider beat me to the water yesterday; and then she had a lovely swim herself.


Posted June 22, 2012 by stablewoman in Dogs, Pets

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  1. She’s a happy girl!!!

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