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I walked downriver for a change this morning.  Our property trails off in a long triangle to the west, bordered by the river and the levee.  Walking to the end makes for a nice, if not very strenuous, hike.

This is the spot there was a large transient camp, until the last sweep by the police.  There’s no sign of it now.

The water is much clearer in the shallows here, and there are buttercups growing in the water.

I braved the strong musky odor of some gourd vines to photograph their golden flowers.

I stopped to say hi to Kody.  I could tell he was thinking, “You’re not going to interrupt my breakfast, are you?”

Then I found that someone had left us a little present; a load of trash.

As usual, they picked what would have been a nice spot under an ancient willow to leave their garbage.

I hadn’t been that way for a while, but it hasn’t been there very long.  You can still see tire tracks where they drove in.

There’s probably identification in there somewhere, but we know from past experience it doesn’t do any good.  An official has to observe them in the act of dumping for any action to be taken.  So we’ll get David down there with the backhoe when he has time, to get rid of it.

The world is oversupplied  with slobs.

Posted June 20, 2012 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch, Kern River, Kody

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  1. Amen to that. I can’t believe what people just toss out. My parents taught me to never throw anything on the ground. I guess parents don’t teach this anymore.

    Denise Francois

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