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Cattails seem to be the definitive plant of a freshwater environment.  When you see them in a painting, a piece of embroidery, a photo, whatever, your mind immediately fills in the rest.  Fish, frogs, ducks, dragonflies, tadpoles; you just know what must be there.  We’ve never had any close enough for a good picture.  There are plenty of cattails in the lower Kern.  It’s just that they’re way out in the river, and I don’t swim.  Or canoe, or kayak, or — well, you get the picture.

But with the high water last year, some got a foothold close to the bank.  And though the river is low this year, one stand still has its feet in the water, so they are close enough to be observed.  They are such graceful plants.

I think I remember reading that the “tails” are edible, but I don’t think I’ll test that out.  Looking is good enough.

It’s warmer today, but not unpleasant, so I got out and ground drove Bella again today.  She’s about ready to renew her acquaintance with a saddle.  Maybe in a day or two . . .


Posted June 7, 2012 by stablewoman in Kern River, Nature

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