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Yesterday afternoon was blowing, dusty and miserable; but this morning there was just a good breeze.  All of the dirty air had blown on out; the leaves were newly dusted; and the sky was as blue as springtime.

But — it was a little cool and breezy for working with horses.  They would feel really good — a little too good.  There haven’t been many riders out today.  So . . . since I hadn’t been down to the river for several days, I grabbed my camera and headed that way.

It’s too bad this isn’t a moving image, so the grace of the dancing trees can be seen.  There was just enough wind to keep them bowing graciously.

Even in the few days since I’d last been down there, the young willows had grown.  They are screening any view of the water.  You have to bend them out of the way to get to the riverbank, and watch your footing.

Once you got down there it was worth it, even though the river is down again.  The wind ripples made it glitter and dance.

Right here, among the glitters, something big surfaced with a “gloop!”  Big for the lower Kern, that is.  I could only see the curve of its side, but it looked to be eighteen inches to a couple of feet long.

Too bad I missed it.  With the camera, that is.  Still, the movement of the trees alone was worth the walk.

Besides, slogging through the sand is great exercise!


Posted June 5, 2012 by stablewoman in Kern River, Nature

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