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I’ve been scanning old photos onto the computer and editing them.  It certainly brings back memories.  Some of the best are of sister Sally and stepdaughter Suzanne forty years ago.  They sure had fun with the ponies.

Here’s Sally with Telstar, on the ranch in 1971.

She had the most beautiful face . . . Telstar, that is; and of course Sally too, though you can’t tell that here!  I’d forgotten what a tiny thing Sally was.  Even Telstar was a bit large for her.

Here are Suzanne and Priscilla.  Priscilla put up with a lot.

They were both great ponies, and remembered fondly.

Behind Sally and Telstar, I see the broad square butt of Sunny.  He is remembered less fondly.  At that time, I had no horse of my own, so borrowed Uncle Al’s retired rope horse.  He was registered, I remember, as Dos Equis.  Yes, after the beer.  You needed a beer after riding him.  He was perfectly gentle, but was one of those horses that would never walk.  All he would do was jig and prance.  And he was very rough-gaited, so riding him was a lot like rolling downhill in a box full of rocks, and just as pleasureable.  I’d almost forgotten him until I started editing these pictures.

Maybe some things are best forgotten!

Posted June 3, 2012 by stablewoman in Horses, Old Times

2 responses to “Looking Back

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  1. Gee, I was a tiny thing. Those were the days! I’ve always thought that’s a great picture of Suzanne on Priscilla. I like Suzanne’s impish expression and dangly long legs. Priscilla’s ears say she knows something funny is going on up there, but she seems pretty relaxed about the whole thing.

  2. Sally…you are sooo cute! It looks like soooo much fun!!! I am a bit jealous! I begged almost constantly for a pony…I got ballet lessons. Ok…. Good job, Roberta, these pics were fun! Elizabeth

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