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Lori B. and I went to Lowe’s last week, and I bought some new flowers.  I had never had any of this pink fluffy astilbe . . .

After I got home, I read in the Sunset Garden Book that it is a shade lover.  Not the best choice for Bakersfield.  I put it in the deep shade under Cecil Brunner, and we’ll see how it does.

I also bought some intensely blue flowers; upright delphinium, and sprawling lobelias in two shades.  I brought them home and put them in a dish with some pale yellow petunias for contrast, and they were gorgeous.  But . . . I looked out of the window this afternoon, and this is what I saw.

There wasn’t anything left, except a couple of petunias.  With all of the grass and hay around, you wouldn’t think this ground squirrel needed to eat my flowers.  I guess they were extra delicious.

I had been wondering what was eating the daylilies.  Something had been pulling the bud stalks right down to the ground, breaking them off, and eating the buds.  Guess who it was?  I picked a closed Elizabeth Salter up off the ground and put it in a vase.  I wasn’t sure it would bloom, but it did.

Who knows; it may be necessary to pick them all as they open.   I’m beginning to consider squirrelicide.

In other news, someone wiped out a yellow Lamborghini up on Manor.  Yet another driver who came into the curve too fast, and (at least) lived to regret it.  I guess it was quite a spectacular crash; but we missed it entirely.

The big news the last day has been the bear that crashed the graduation.  I’m a little surprised that one hasn’t made it to the national news, at least not that we’ve seen.  There was some great video of the little bruin loping across two adjacent school parking lots.  The middle school was in the midst of the eighth grade graduation when the bear galloped by.  Both schools went on lockdown, while the bear ended up in a nearby apartment complex.  (One bystander said, “I thought it was a really ugly dog.”)  There he was cornered in a utility closet, and some deputies managed to snare him with those nooses on poles they use on vicious dogs.  They dragged him, snarling and fighting, into an animal control truck.  After being checked out, he was released back into the wild.

It was nice to have a happy ending.  Not many people seem to remember the last urban bear, which was shot out of a tree up on Panorama.  This one was only about a hundred to a hundred fifty pounds, but still could have done a lot of damage.  Kudos to those deputies; they would have certainly been justified in killing this one, but didn’t.

And those eighth graders had a graduation they’ll never forget!


Posted June 1, 2012 by stablewoman in Flowers

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  1. The story did make national news. I read a Los Angeles Times story about the little bear on Google News this morning. I had never heard of the school. Where is it? Anyway, I’m glad they saved the bear!

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