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Marion sent me this picture of the ladies’ ride she went on yesterday.

She said that they had a lovely ride; it was a beautiful day, all of the horses went well, and they encountered no problems.

I was reminded of the ladies’ rides Billy’s mother Irma used to lead.  Of course, those ladies averaged considerably older; Irma was in her seventies and some of the others weren’t much younger.  But they rode gaited horses and at times terrorized the trails.  The problem was that a group of gaited horses coming at speed — and they usually rode at a good fast gait — tends to scare other horses.  I guess they think it’s a stampede.  So when the group of old ladies would come up behind a rider peacefully minding his or her own business — well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.  Nobody ever got hurt, though.  I rode with them a few times, but I had an Arab then, and he just couldn’t travel with the gaited horses.  His walk was too slow, and his trot was too fast.

Irma, many years after her passing, is still something of a legend along the river.  Many people remember a childhood spent at Irma’s.


Now it’s Billy’s; and someday he’ll be a legend too.

Or maybe he already is.


Posted May 29, 2012 by stablewoman in Horses, Old Times, Riding

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  1. What an amazing picture, Roberta! Billy is apple off of that tree for sure! I hope that picture is framed and up for all to see. Irma is an inspiration! -Elizabeth

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