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It’s a hot and muggy day today; our first of the year.  Despite that, there are a lot of people enjoying their horses.  Some rode around here, some trailered out, and some (quite a few, actually) attended the retirement party for one of our boarders.

I went to the Farmer’s Market — golden zucchini, hothouse tomatoes (not bad), peach jam, snickerdoodles, seeded wheat bread, fruit pastries — the baked goods are as big a draw as the fruit and veggies.

Most of the day, though, has been spent in the house watching the world go by.  I haven’t even taken one picture.  Here are some from yesterday, though. 

There’s a whole little ecosystem in the shade under the bridge.  The blackberry brambles have gotten enormous.  We ought to have a good supply of blackberries this year — or at least the birds will.

The blackberry blossoms are really worth a second look.

There’s a beautiful silvery-green grass that is growing under the bridge.  I don’t remember noticing it last year.

It’s called rabbitfoot, for its lovely seed heads.  It’s even softer than a rabbit’s foot, though; so soft you can hardly tell when you’re touching it; soft as a baby’s breath.

There are little trails all over the river bottom, there to explore.  Of course Xena is ready to help with that part.  She’s a little hard to see in this shot.

Speaking of Xena, I’d forgotten that she believes firmly that the coolest place in the house is the little space behind the toilet.  It’s a little disconcerting to find that Border Collie stare rising up behind you when you are . . . let’s just say, visiting.


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