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Down by the River — Again   Leave a comment

No entry yesterday; I was busy baking for the knitting group meeting.  It all came out pretty well — and there was some to take home to Billy.  He had brownies for breakfast.

This morning I walked down to the river’s edge, as usual.  This time, when I got to the water (brown and muddy after the rain, and filled with trash washed down from above) I turned around and took a picture of the house.  If you look at the base of the PG&E tower, you can see the little road where I come down. 

Last year, the water came about halfway up that road; that was the riverbank.  Now, you can see how low the Kern is.  But they’re talking about a return of El Nino; by next year, who knows where the river will be.

I took one more picture of the blue iris; I couldn’t resist it backlit by yesterday’s afternoon sun.


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