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Yesterday’s Storm . . .   1 comment

. . . was a doozy.  (And I even know where that expression comes from!)

Anyway, .81 is a lot of rain for and April day in Bakersfield, and that’s what we ended up with.  It rained steadily all morning, and then quit for a while.  I went out and got some flower pictures; Million Bells . . .

Some monkeyflowers . . . these are the same flowers that grow wild in the river bottom, but bred for many colors.

About this time, I looked to the west and decided it was time to head inside.

I was right; the heavens opened.  No thunder or lightning; just hard, hard rain and slushy almost-hail.  Old Cider had refused to come inside up until then, feeling her job as sentinel was just Too Important.

But at this point I hauled her inside bodily.  She consented to be dried (she still wasn’t wet to the skin) and fed, then left.  She was very firm about it, saying she had Things to Do.  The rain had quit, so I let her go — and even followed her out.

It was beautiful outside then.  No rainbow, at least not for us, but the light was golden on the trees, and the clouds were that wonderful deep blue-gray-violet they get only after a storm.

And the blue iris has decided to flower; eight buds!  Its color isn’t very far from that of the stormclouds; maybe one influenced the other.

Today has been chilly and grey, with a few sprinkles.  Most of the activity has centered around draining flooded pens.  The sun is trying to come out, so that ought to help.  And we got to have yet another fire in the fireplace.

Maybe this is the last one.  I think I’ve said that about four times now . . .


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