Before the Heat Wave   4 comments

Everyone was out and about today, enjoying the beautiful weather before the predicted heat wave.  (They’re talking 108 on the Fourth.)  It was only 59 when we got up this morning.  Out the door I went.

Marion and Kathy were just coming in from their ride.

Kathy’s new horse Beau (or is it Bo?) is a big success.  He looks very well with Minka; two spotted horses always seem to go together, though they are very different.

Later Bella and I were out for our walk, and Marion took some pictures.  Here Bella’s enjoying a scratch on the neck . . .

And here is proof — I really can jog now!  (I want a larger version of this shot!)

So . . . everyone’s enjoying the calm before the storm; or, to be accurate, the cool before the HEAT!


Posted June 30, 2011 by stablewoman in Bella, Horses, Riding

4 responses to “Before the Heat Wave

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  1. Hi Roberta,
    Thank you for the kind words about my new boy. His name is actually Cisco. Beau was my old boy who had to be put down a few years back. I sure hope Cisco turns out to be as sweet natured as Beau was. He seems to be. My fingers are crossed!!

    • And Cathy with a “c”, too! I’ll make corrections. I guess we were talking about Beau, and it just stuck in my head. But by any name, Cisco’s a beautiful boy! Roberta

  2. Thanks for the pics of us on our “Paints”. Cathy’s old, now deceased but very noble horse was Beau. The new horse is Cisco. He’s quite noble also! Minka likes him. Actually, everybody likes him.

  3. It looks like Cathy and I were reading your blog at the same time!

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