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If Bella looks a little startled . . .

. . . it’s probably because I just told her that it’s time for her to become a Working Pony.

I’ve been in contact with Trish Demers, at Carpe Diem Farm, and she says she can take Bella during the month of July — if she’s completely over the flu.  I think she is; but that little dry cough upon starting exercise is hanging on.  She coughed several times yesterday in the round pen; but as she was also flying around the pen at full speed, I don’t think she’s feeling too bad.

We went for a walk afterward, and jogged together a couple of times.  No coughing after that first burst of speed.  If there was any panting and gasping for breath, it was mine.

We need to get her vaccinations up to date.  It was time for them when she got sick, so it’s more than time now.  That’s only a matter of a few minutes, though. 

We won’t even think about getting her over to Lancaster until after this next heat wave.  Everyone’s predicting 106 or 107 for Monday, the hottest day of the five days predicted to be over 100.  That’s not too bad; we can tough it out — except that we may also get a humid monsoonal flow.  That’s when everyone, human, equine, and canine, is really miserable.  Swamp coolers just don’t cut it.

It sounds like it’s going to be a miserable Fourth of July.


Posted June 29, 2011 by stablewoman in Bella, Horses

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