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The temperature hit 107 after Sally and the girls left, so the place was pretty deserted all day.  Both Billy and I spent most of the day dozing in our recliners.  The humidity has been very low, so the swamp cooler is keeping up nicely.

As the evening cooled off, I decided to get out a little.  I pocketed some carrots and wandered down to the river, where I threw some sticks for all four Border Collies.  Xena has developed a thing where she lurks on the shore until Gena gets her stick into the shallows, then leaps high into the air and comes down with all four feet next to Gena.  She seems to enjoy soaking everyone in the vicinity, canine or human.

Anyway, I threw the last stick, and started walking back toward the horse pens to check on everyone and pass out carrots.  I had only gotten about thirty feet when I heard a thundering of paws behind me, and a furry cannonball hit the backs of my knees.  My feet flew into the air — I’ll swear my legs were over my head — and I landed flat on my back.  Well, actually, more on my head and left elbow.  I saw stars.

When I sat up, I was surrounded by interested dogs — “What’d you do that for, Grandma?”  Billy was just driving past.  “Did you fall down?”  No, I just thought I’d have a nice sit-down here in the middle of the road.

When I picked myself up, I had a nicely skinned elbow, and a bump almost on the top of my head.  I really must have flown.  There was no great damage, though, so I went in to wash and get a Band-Aid, and continued on my way.

I can tell you one thing, though; those dogs are going to walk in front of me from now on.

It wasn't me!


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