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Summer’s Here   1 comment

Ninety-eight at three o’clock.  It’s summer at last.  The outflow from Lake Isabella is right at 5,000 cfs, which means that the river is up another inch or two.  Many of the willows are waist-deep in water.

It hasn’t been possible to cross on horseback for quite a while now.  You have to go upstream a little over two miles, and cross at the weirs.  They must be really roaring now.

Andrew took the black-and-white pup, Nip, to gather cattle in the hills yesterday.   It was quite an experience for a dog that had never seen a hill before.  At one point, he was trying to follow the other dogs across the face of a steep hill, but kept drifting downward until he was at the bottom looking up at them, trying to figure out what had happened.  Later, he hit some slick grass at full gallop, and turned about three somersaults.  Still later, he ran right off a drop concealed by tall grass.  Andrew said he was in the air long enough to get an “Oh, s**t,” expression on his face.  But he hung in there valiantly, and learned a lot about being a cow dog.

One way you know it’s summer — there are dogs asleep all over the house.  Not the pups — they haven’t figured out where the coolest spot on the ranch is.  When they do, we’ll have all five of the dogs making a furry obstacle course down the hall.

That’s the trouble with a dog door.


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