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We woke up this morning to the police ATV passing through again.  If they make a regular patrol, that will be great.  I don’t know if  their budget will allow it, though.

A little later in the morning, we had dressage lessons going on.  I especially enjoyed watching boarder Deborah and her Morgan mare Amber — who used to be my Morgan mare Amber.  Deborah has taught her a lot in the years since I sold her.  And at twenty-three, she still looks darned good.

Notice Xena kibitzing in the first picture.  The dressage arena, I notice, could use some work.  Most of the lessons are in the big arena.  Maybe that would be a good job for Andrew, though he’s rather busy with his truck right now.  These are his legs . . .

Ah, the glamour of the horse business.  But at least it’s not a hundred and five.


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