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. . . and it’s still cool.  I went for a walk this afternoon.  In June.  Ordinarily, one would never walk for pleasure in the afternoon at this time of year . . . not unless your idea of pleasure includes a heat stroke.

A lot of it is being wasted, though, as between the EHV-1 and the flu, no one is doing a lot of trail riding.  Little Bella is still snotty-nosed; with the younger ones, it’s taking about a week to ten days to run its course.  She’s got a ways to go yet.

There are non-horsy things, to enjoy, though.  The river is down a bit, because the snow isn’t melting off very fast, but it’s still flowing smooth and fast.  The upper Kern may have world-class rapids, but our section just flows.

That doesn’t make it safe, by any means.  The current is strong below that placid surface.  But it’s a lot safer than it is through the canyon.

New flowers continue to pop up.  This is a fresh bloom of daylily Beautiful Edgings.

The pink-flowered cactus has finally bloomed, after several years off.  I finally figured out it wasn’t getting enough sun, and moved it.  It was grateful.

There’s more rain predicted for the weekend.  The weatherman was pointing out just how strange this has been; in the entire time that records have been kept (the 1880’s) it has rained in May only 87 times.  That’s for the whole month of May, not just on one day. 

Bakersfield is historically a desert, after all.  Although our part of it was historically a swamp . . . I mean a wetland.


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My camera’s been stubborn today; zooming in and out and refusing to focus.  It’s been doing this, but usually goes back to normal after a while.  Today, though, it’s been down all day.  I think it’s finally feeling the effects of its soaking this winter.

There’s not a lot going on to picture, anyway.  Snotty-nosed, coughing horses aren’t photogenic.  We’ve counted 22 cases, of which roughly half are over the bug already.  That’s not a lot, out of nearly three hundred, but it sure seems like more.

My sister-in-law Elizabeth hit the nail on the head when she said that it was like being back to teaching, when parents insist on sending their sick kids to school, and you’re surrounded by sniffling and coughing.  The difference is that the runny noses are a lot bigger!

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