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We’ve been having a flu; that is, the horses have.  It was a bit alarming with the first case, but the blood work showed it was nothing but a common three-day bug.  Bella was one of the last to succumb; but she has it now.  That makes it unanimous.  Every horse four and under on the place — we don’t have too many — has it or has had it, vaccinated or not.  Like those for people, horse vaccines tend to lag behind the latest bug.

Anyway, she was off feed yesterday, and has a snotty nose.  The next sign is a cough, but that hasn’t shown up yet.   She’s eating again already — and hollering for carrots when I walk by.  With luck, it’ll be a light case.

Poor Billy has been trying to keep the flu confined, but getting people to cooperate is a lot like herding cats.  Everyone thinks it’s necessary to tie their coughing horse to the common hitching rail, or that it absolutely has to be turned out for exercise, or that it has to keep up its training; it’ll forget everything if it’s not ridden for three days.  Sigh.

Well, sometimes these things simply have to run their course.  It’s funny, though, how it jumps around.  Some of the horses that got it haven’t been out of their pens, nor had any neighbors who had it.  Maybe it’s a gift of the flu fairy.

More cheerfully, here’s the latest daylily.  This is Spacecoast Snow Angel.  With that name, I was expecting it to be nearly white.  Instead, it’s cream blushed with rose.

I’m not complaining.  It’s gorgeous.


Posted May 30, 2011 by stablewoman in Bella, Flowers, Horses

2 responses to “Poor Bella

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  1. Having been a teacher for so long, you probably feel like you are back at school with parents letting their kids come to school sick because they can’t take time off.

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