Poor Gena   1 comment

We have five resident dogs; the old Golden, Cider, and the Border collies; in order of seniority, Gena, Spanky, Nip, and Xena.  Of all of them, Gena is the only one who has a passion for retrieving a tennis ball.  Though she will retrieve anything throwable, she has a passion for tennis balls.

Now the other dogs have a mild interest in them.  That is, if one is thrown, they will chase after it and get it — if they can beat Gena to it.  Then, however, instead of bringing it back, they trot along with it until they lose interest and drop it somewhere.  Meanwhile, Gena, wild with frustration, is hopping up and down trying to tell them that you’re supposed to Bring It Back!  And Drop It at Their Feet!  So they can Throw It Again!

After this went on for some time, I took pity on her and took them down to the river.  She is the only one who will chase it out into the water.  Spanky watches with interest from the shore.  “Look at that idiot out there — getting wet all over!”

You have to use discretion, though, because I sincerely believe she would keep on retrieving it until she sank with exhaustion — and then walk on the bottom to bring it back.  She is obsessed.  Luckily she also has a passion for herding, so she can use her energies that way, too.

Nip isn’t even as interested as Spanky in getting wet.  He practices his Border Collie Down from a safe distance.

He looks relaxed, but his body is alive with tension, and his eyes dart back and forth, following the action.  “If it was a sheep,” he says, “I’d get it in an instant.”

Dogs are funny people.


Posted May 28, 2011 by stablewoman in Pets

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  1. They are aren’t they! They all have such unique personalities and quirks, just like we do. Maggie was the same way with her tennis ball. Your pups are gorgeous. : )

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