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On the River Path   Leave a comment

I haven’t posted pictures from my daily walk for a few days.  Here are a few things I saw this morning.  (Note:  WordPress, as it does occasionally, is refusing to let me upload my pictures.  I’ll put in the descriptions, and hope to add the pictures later.)

Last years cattails are making room for the new crop.

The moonflowers are blooming.  That’s a much prettier name than Jimsonweed or thornapple.

The Bakersfield cactus, at its Secret Location, is getting ready to bloom.  Its gray-lavender color is attractive, even without the brilliant magenta flowers.

I caught a flash of yellow on the way back, and thought it was an oriole.  But then I saw the flash of red on his head, and realized it was a Western tanager.  They’re beautiful birds, and seen even less frequently than the orioles.  He quickly hid in the branches, so here’s a Wikipedia picture to show what he looked like.

(Or here it isn’t.  Maybe in an hour or two.)

Later — Woo-hoo!  It worked at last!


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