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Cactus Flowers   Leave a comment

Mylittle potted cactus is blooming.

Its red blossoms are very pretty, but the big one next to it has pale pink flowers that are just glorious.  I hope it blooms soon.

Bella and I had another walk today.  We jogged a little way down the road, then went up on the levee and looked down at Teen Challenge and the church; then kept on down the levee until we got to a steep rocky place.  We went down that Very Carefully.  Back to the river, and home down the river path. 

I really like the way Bella behaves on these walks.  She doesn’t whinny for her buddies, nor try to hurry home, but really seems to be enjoying herself.  Her default Startle seems to be to freeze in place.  That’s fine; for a little horse that really hasn’t seen much of the world, she’s doing great.  And she also freezes in place when I ask her to.

No, the only unpleasant thing about these walks is not her fault.  It’s the darned foxtails.  I come home with my socks bristling with them.  I met grandson Bruce at Target the other day.  He mentioned that after his last encounter with foxtails, he just threw his socks away.

Now there’s a thought.


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