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I’ve mentioned that brother Jim has been researching our family tree, and posting some old family photos on  I’d looked at these pictures many a time, and despaired of ever knowing who some of the more interesting ones were.  For example, there was this rather portly gentleman.

I knew that he was someone from our father’s side of the family, but not who.  I don’t remember any marking on the photo that would identify him, but there were two very interesting things about it.  First was his badge.  It reads, “Deputy Marshal Porterville”.  We had a relative who was a deputy marshal?  In Porterville, of all places?  (That side of the family is from Missouri.)  It was definitely good ol’ Porterville, California, a smallish city north of Bakersfield.  It’s labeled Opera House Studio, Porterville, California. 

Well, Jim found out that this is our grandmother’s brother James Edward Wilson — our great-uncle.  Now I need to know how he wound up marshaling in Porterville! 

That’s the fun of genealogy — the stories.  And the detective work, of course!


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