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Getting Warmer   Leave a comment

It’s the first really warm day of the year.  The Internet tells me it’s 95 right now, and it may even go up a little yet.  Still, that’s nothing to the triple digits coming up, and it cools off nicely at night.  Soon I’ll have to move my blogging to the morning, and shut down the computer in the afternoon.  A swamp cooler has its limits.

But it’s not really summer yet.  One way you can tell is by the elderberries.  They’re still green and lush, with lots of blossoms but no berries yet. 

Soon many of them will enter their summer dormancy, and look terrible until the weather cools in the fall. 

One of our boarders came to the door last night, worried that some of the horses might not have been fed.  They were milling around in their pens, obviously upset.  I was able to reassure her, sort of.  The problem was blackflies, not hunger.  They were running up and down, stamping and kicking and raising all kinds of fuss — not to mention dust. 

While I was standing at the door talking to her, I collected a nice assortment of mosquito bites.

It’s going to be a long summer.


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