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A few days ago, one of our boarders went over to a horse rescue operation on the coast and adopted a horse.

Now, in the past, this has seldom worked out well.  Rescue horses tend to be battered old veterans of the race track, back yard colts who have reached two or three without ever seeing a farrier, let alone a saddle, or horses who have bluffed down a series of owners and gotten too spoiled for anyone but a professional to work with.  But this looks like a pretty good mare.




According to the rescuers, she is a six-year old,  jet black,  Arab/Dutch Warmblood cross.  That seems right; she looks like a small warmblood, except for her elegant Arab ears, and moves like one.  They said she was brought in some months ago, skin and bones.  She’s a little lean, and lacking in muscle, but that’s usual in an underfed horse.  She moves soundly, and is broke enough that her adopters rode her before they brought her home.  Time will tell whether she will make a good horse for them.

With the current economic situation, we’re probably going to see a lot of decent horses at rescue operations.  The problem will be that donations to such organization are going to get hard to find.  At least hay is cheap this year; perhaps that will help them hold out.


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  1. Hi Roberta,

    Mr. Moon is a gelding not a mare. He is doing very well so far. Keep your fingures crossed that he is a good boy. Thanks

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